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Experienced Family Lawyers Assisting in Order Modification & Enforcement

The attorneys at Tranchina & Mansfield, LLC have experience assisting clients in the modification of child custody, support, and spousal support orders, as well as the enforcement of court orders when a parent or former spouse is not meeting his or her custody or support obligations.

Modifying Custody, Support & Spousal Maintenance Orders in Louisiana

A party to a custody, child support, or spousal support order may file a petition to request a modification to an existing order if either party has experienced a material change in circumstances. When the proposed modification involves child custody or visitation, it must also be in the best interest of the child.

A material change of circumstance may include, but is not limited to:

  • A former spouse’s remarriage or cohabitation with another person.
  • A former spouse gains new employment or a promotion.
  • One parent decides to move out of state or far from the other parent.
  • A child’s changing needs, including cases in which a child develops special needs.
  • A party’s deteriorating physical or mental condition, such as by drug or alcohol abuse.
  • One parent’s interference with a child’s relationship with the other parent.
  • A party’s conviction of a crime.

At Tranchina & Mansfield, LLC we are committed to achieving our clients’ goals, and have helped many clients successfully modify custody, visitation, support, and spousal support judgments.

Enforcing Louisiana Custody & Support Orders

Once a court establishes a custody, child support, or spousal support order, nothing short of a court-approved modification or extreme circumstances can relieve a party’s obligation to follow the order. When a party is not obeying an order of the court, Louisiana law provides administrative processes to enforce the orders at issue.

If administrative enforcement processes do not succeed, we may ask a court to enforce an order by issuing mandatory money judgments for past-due payments, by placing a noncustodial parent into a work program, by suspending professional licenses, or by issuing probation or jail sentences. Our attorneys can help clients petition for the enforcement of court orders, and may also defend clients against enforcement actions.